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Real Estate

A Real Estate Attorney in Hannibal, MO

Bring your real estate matters to Don Bastian, Attorney at Law. As an experienced real estate attorney in Hannibal, MO, Don Bastian protects your interests in any real estate transaction and drafts your purchase and sale agreements with an eye to your advantage. You get personalized service at a reasonable cost with fast turnaround time.

Title Insurance & More

Don Bastian can also help you secure title insurance to protect you in the future. Furthermore, you can also contact the office for help with:

  • Procedures to Clear Titles
  • Section 1031 Tax Exchanges
  • Boundary Line Disputes

It is possible to review surveys and have your attorney view the property in person. Visiting in person is particularly helpful in boundary disputes, and many attorneys don't offer this service. A visual inspection gives a full understanding of the situation, which can help in court. Very often, a full understanding of the problem helps you avoid extensive litigation and achieve a quicker resolution.

Title Insurance - Hannibal, MO